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Welcome to Concierge, Akita!

Hello! Im Hiroshi Susaki, the organizer of Concierge, Akita. I made this website for International travelers to enjoy the countryside of Japan. There are untouched nature and diversity of the local culture. However, it is difficult for International people to touch because of poor Information and language barrier.

Concierge, Akita is for who want to find out the new experience in Japan! We made the network with local people and International people inside of Akita to provide the deeper Information about Akita in English or other language.

The home of Akita dog
Akita, you may know as Japanese dog, is our target area. Akita is a prefecture, 600km away from the center of Japan. 72 % of the land is covered by forests, full of water, and it brought rich environment of farming. People living here harvest a high quality of rice, pick up seasonal mountain vegetables, and get fresh seafood. They have enjoyed the natural resources, and lived with it. We visit to local people, and learn their life.

What we provide…

You can get the Information about Akita in English here. We collaborate with more than 100 International members and local people , and expand the number of articles and languages day by day.

【Design your travel】
Traveling local area in Japan is still difficult because of poor transportation and language barrier. We have friendship with local tourism companies. If you need the course or reservation, we will introduce travel agency.

If you have any question about traveling around Akita, we are here. We will ask to local people, and return to you in English. Please go into the link below!

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【To Travel Agency in the world】
We are here for you to organize the tours in Akita.
-we support to plan your products
-we introduce local tourism agency
-we conduct all communication and arrangement in English

If you have any question about Akita, please contact with us.

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