Catching your own Sashimi


Under the glaring sun, we set off from Akita port to the ocean. The aim for today is to fish seasonal fish. When we arrived at the port at about 7:00, many locals were lining up along the shore fishing already. Although the ship itself is small,  it is fully geared with everything that guarantees our trip ahead; tiny yet tidy bathroom, all the safety equipments, tanks, and the fishing gears.  

About 20 minutes away from the shore, in the middle of nowhere, we are alone surrounded by the calm and glittering ripples. Not a single ship surrounds us but the fish finder spots the school of fish 30 meters below us. Let’s stop here. It is usually the depth of 30 meters that makes the best spot for fishing around Akita harbor. We use jig today.

Patiently dipping the fishing rod for about 1 hour, no fish is hooked. Half given-up and eating snacks, we continue waiting. To make the process efficient, each person applies different techniques and lures to catch different fish.

Suddenly, something pulls down the rod stoutly. This is a big hit. Feverishly, I spin the reel with full effort and concentration. It does not appear that easily.  After a few minutes of tussling, a big yellowtail of over 30cm appears on the surface. Finally. Still having full of energy, it splashes about on the ship lively.

Recovering our motivation and energy, we continuously dip our rod patiently, shifting our spot according to the school of herd. Only within 5 hours, three of us caught 5 yellowtail and 3 greelings. This serves more than enough for our dinner.

Written by Ryoko.H.

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