Enjoying Lake Towada during the Fall Season




Temperatures suddenly begin to drop in September, and we start to notice that the season has changed to Autumn. Rice are harvested in the Satoyama area, and chestnuts fall in the mountains. The bright red and yellow coloring the mountain surfaces cheer up the hearts of Tohoku people.

For travelers, capturing the seasons changing, and being at the places at the best timing is a big event to look forward to; especially if you are expecting to see red and yellow colored leaves right before your eyes. Here are several tips to fully experience the Fall season of Lake Towada.


When is the best timing to see the autumn leaves in Lake Towada



In the Tohoku are, leaves turn red and yellow fairly early. Mountain tops start to change colors in the beginning of September, and before December, Satoyama areas all turn into autumn colors.

Among them, lakeside of Towada’s best timing for autumn leaves is around mid of October to the end of the month. Since altitudes vary around the lakeside, you’ll be able to tell if the coloring has started by keeping an eye out for the mountain tops.



The following 1 to 2 weeks is the autumn leaves season around the lakeside. Beeches and Katsura (Japanese Judas) are the ones that start turning yellow first.

And follows the Maples and Rowan trees that turn red. Because of the difference in peaks, changing of colors can be enjoyed throughout the season.

Make sure to check the latest information about the autumn leaves, so that you don’t miss the best timing.


From where can you see the best autumn leaves around Lake Towada?


One way is to see the colors from lakeside of Towada.

Of course, you can enjoy it from car windows, but we find it best to appreciate the season calmly from inside the  lake. The view is completely different from the ones from the shores.



There are several ways to enjoy the colors from the lake, but we suggest the ferry.

The ferry services include a one-way trip from Yasumiya and Nenokuchi and a round-trip tour that departs from and returns to Yasumiya. The ferry easily gets packed during the autumn season, so it is best to reserve a ticket in advance. 

(Lake Towada ferry) 





Another option is to rent a canoe from Yasumiya.

The best part of using a canoe is that you are close to the surface of the lake. Also, it is easier to explore the shores and inlets at your pace. The canoe guidehouse Kai offers guides and instructions for beginners as well.

(Towadako Guidehouse Kai) 





Capturing the taste of Autumn Towada


If you had the chance to visit Autumn Towada, please look carefully into the lake. 

You may see salmons called “Himemasu” that live in freshwater for their whole life. Himemasu’s move to shallow water to lay eggs at the same time as leaves start to change.



Himemasu fishing starts early in the morning.

Fishermen throw a net into the lake and drag it towards the shore. Large amount of Himemasu were caught in this haul.



These catch are then transported to nearby restaurants and hotels for you and other tourists to taste.

Some even say that Himemasu is the most delicious of all salmon! Please come and give it a try! 



Relax alongside the shores of Lake Towada


From Towada Prince Hotel located on the lakeside of Towada, the lake can be viewed through the garden.

The hotel’s slight remote location offers a quiet and relaxed atmosphere, welcoming guests with the western style architecture.



It also allows guests to experience an open-air hot spring that wells up from western part of the lake.

The alkaline properties of the spring water work toward relieving fatigue and reducing cold sensitivity. The garden can also be seen from the hot spring.



French and western dining is mainly provided, but lunch menu includes Himemasu sandwich.

Also, course dish is available with a group reservation in advance. A best option to dine and view the autumn leaves of Towada.



(Towada Prince Hotel) 

URL: https://www.princehotels.co.jp/towada/ 

TEL: 0176-75-3117 



Tohoku area is well known for variety of autumn leave sceneries, but even among them Towada offers different views and experiences at each season.

Fall is especially a best time to visit. Once summer ends and the temperature start to get chilly, that is the timing to start planning a visit to the mountains.

You will never see anything like the coexisting contrast of Towada blue, and red an yellow leaves anywhere else in the world.