Taste of Nature in Akita-Farmers Life in Summer-


Akita, you may know as Japanese dog, is the destination here. Akita is a prefecture, 600km away from the center of Japan. 72 % of the land is covered by forests, full of water, and it gives us rich environment of farming. People living here harvest a high quality of rice, pick up seasonal mountain vegetables, and get fresh seafood. They have enjoyed the natural resources, and lived with it. Visiting Akita in summer, you can enjoy a life of farmers-harvesting summer vegetables, joining a passionate summer festival to pray for good harvest.

SCHEDULE (The Tour conducts everyday on 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th of Aug)


13:00 Meet @East Gate at Akita station

13:10 Leave Akita station(by charter bus)

13:30 Visiting Kanto Festival Museum(Neburi Nahashi Kan)

16:00 Yukata Experience(we will visit the festival with Yukata)

17:00 Photo Shooting

18:00 Dinner (local farmers cuisine)

19:00 Kanto Festival with reserved seats.

21:00 Check in the hotel(ryokan or hotel around the Akita station)


09:00  Leave the stay(bu bus)

10:30  Arrive at farmers village(Tashiro Village of Ugo town, Akita)

11:00  Welcome Dance(the traditional bon-dance, called Nishimonai)

12:00  Lunch (local nuudle(soba) and tempura of mountain vegetables)

13:00  Farming experience: picking up natural wasabi in a mountain

15:00  Farming experience: cooking local dinner with farmers

18:00  Dinner and Party in a farmers Inn

    *As an option, you can go to local onsen.



09:00  Leave a farmers Inn

09:15  Farmers Market in UGO TOWN.

11:00  Visiting Sake Factory

12:30 Arrive at Kakunodate Station(Shikansen)

*we have more options in Akita such a Nyuto onsen, Sake factory or even

a life of hunters. Please contact with us for your request.


Visiting Tohoku area, you should taste variety of food. Especially in summer local people enjoy the taste of nature. Not only from the farming field, but they go into the mountain, and pick up the natural vegetables. On this tour, we will try to find out the Natural Wasabi!

The Price:64,000JPY/person
・all the transportation from Akita station(DAY1) to Kakunodate station(DAY3)
・Stay in hotel near the Akita station(Day1)
・Stay in farmers Inn(DAY2)
・Yukata Experience Fee
・Nishimonai Bon dance Fee
・Farming Experience
・Sake Factory Guide and Tasting
・Dinner on DAY1 & DAY2
・Break Fast on DAY2 & DAY3
・Lunch on DAY2

Minimum People we need to operate the tour:20 people
Maximum People for the tour: 40 people

Please go into the application form below. We will soon send back the E-mail for more detail.

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(Q & A)
Q: Who will be the main target of the tour?
A: Anyone can join. But usually, we offer this tour for family and kids especially in farming experience.

Q: How many people you have the special seats and hotels for Kanto?
A: We have reserved hotels for 30 people. Actually, during the Kanto festival, it is very difficult to get the hotel. If you want to have just a hotel, please contact us.

Q: I want to ask more question before 10th of Jan. How can I contact with you?
A: You can send me the direct E-mail to us (info@travel-dsn.com).

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