【For Cruise】Special Cuisine -FUGU Lunch-


Ever heard of Fugu? Maybe its is famous as poisoned fish. Akita is famous for tasty fugu. Fugu living in the northern part of Japan grow very slowly since the temperature is low. Instead the body becomes strong and meat is tasty.

From the Akita Port, you can even walk to the restaurant for Fugu lunch. There are limited number of special menu so that please ask the staff before going to the restaurant.

Here are several Fugu dishes!

Sashimi: Fugu is white color with pink line. Local restaurant keeps Fugu a few days in refrigerator after fishing to get umami. Hirezaka(ひれ酒): the black one is the tail of Fugu. Putting it into hot sake, the fragrance of Fugu is spread out to the sake.

Fugu Nebe Pot(ふぐ鍋): the main dish should be the nebe pot!

Zosui(雑炊): after nabe pot, please try Zosui!! The soup from Fugu will make you happy^^