【For Cruise】Possible to go to Nyuto Onsen?


Many people on cruise ask how to go to Nyuto Onsen. Nyuto onsen is far from Akita Port, but actually it is possible to go. Here are several tips to go to Nyuto Onsen, and back to Akita Port before leaving.

【Tips1: Access】
First, please make sure about the access and time. Atlas you need 2.5 hrs to go and return!

From Akita Port to Akita st.
You have several ways to go to Akita st. Shuttle bus or Train takes 30 to 60 min to Akita st. It is depend on how many people waiting the line for shuttle bus. Taxi takes 30 min to Akita st. If you do not have time, taxi is the best way to go.

From Akita st. To Tazawa lake st.
Shinkansen is the best way to go to Tazawa lake st. It takes about 1 hr from Akita st. To Tazawa lake st. Please make sure the time schedule form JR.

From Tazawa lake st. to Nyuto Onsen.
You  have bus or taxi to go to Nyuto Onsen. Please ask the staff about the bus at the station. If there is no bus coming soon, then taxi is better. Bus takes 45 to 60 min. Taxi takes you 30 min.

【Tips2: which onsen you go?】
There are 7 onsen in Nyuto Area. The difficulty is that not all onsen is available by bus. When you go by bus, please ask the driver if the bus can stop in front of the onsen. If you go by tax, you can go to the onsen directly.

For example, the famous onsen, called Tsurunoyu(鶴の湯), is far from the bus stop. You need use taxi to go. In terms of time consuming, we strongly recommend using taxi.

【Tips3: Open Hours】
Please be careful for opening hours in Nyuto Onsen. You should go at least 1 hrs before closing time.

Tsurunoyu: 10:00-15:00
Ganiba: 09:30-16:30
Magoroku: 09:00-16:00