The Hometown of Akita Dog


The warm smiles soothing our heart, large body with triangle-shaped pointed ear, and bushy fur developed to adjust winter climate… The Akita-inu is Akita local dog which is considered a national treasure.

Today, we visited the hometown of Akita dog; the northen part of Akita prefecture. There are untouched beautiful nature and warm heart people welcome us!

①Mt. Moriyoshi
Mt, Moriyoshi stand as high as 1,454m in central Akita. There are several volcanos that many of them are over 1,000m high. Mt, Moriyoshi is one of them. Top of the mountain gives you a great view of all over the region such as Mt, Chokai, Shirakami Sanchi, Tazawa Lake, Mt, Iwate, Oga peninsula and Japanese sea. Aboriginal forests covered the mountain that you can enjoy different view in each elevation of the mountain. additionally, mt, Moriyoshi is known as a “mountain of beautiful flowers.” 300 of flowers and alpine plants flourish from late summer to autumn.th_DSC_0857

②Magewappa (a special Bento Box)
Mage-Wappa, which literally translates to “Bent lunch box.” The magnificence of Mage-Wappa is hidden in its well-formed shape and practicality. In the most famous production area Odate in Akita prefecture, craftsmen willingly choose the Akita cedar which survived severe cold environment since it makes the finest quality of wood and suitable for Mage-Wappa. The characteristic round shape of Mage-Wappa is completed with sophisticated technique of craftsmen and highest quality of Akita cedar.

③Meet with Akita!
We got a chance too meet with Akita. Actually it seems very difficult to meet even in the hometown of Akita. The number of owners of Akita dog has been decreased. In order to meet, it is better to contact first. This time, the shop owner introduced us his Akita!
th_DSC_1024 th_DSC_0952

To be continued…