Masuda Manga Museum


増田まんが美術館 (1)


Japan’s First Manga Museum
Introducing the world of Manga artist from Masuda, Yaguchi Takao (author of “Tsurikichi” Fisher boy Sanpei), Masuda manga museum offers an opportunity to learn about the culture and history of Japanese manga cartoons.  Original images of famous Manga authors are exhibited, and you can simply read and enjoy various manga comic books.

You can talk with Manga artists in person at special manga events a few times a year, and you can learn about the art in depth.

As many as 77,000 items of 182 manga artists are collected, and original pictures of 80 artists are regularly diplayed.

285, Shinnmachi, Aza, Masuda, Masuda town, Yokote city, Akita prefecture
Number of car spaces
180 cars, (175 regular cars, 5 large sized cars)
Parking Fee
Business hours
9:00 - 17:00
free (Charged only for special events)
Closing day
Monday (following day of public holidays) Dec 29~ Jan 3