Tsuzureko Odaiko Festival




Tsuzureko Odaiko Festival is a traditional event in Tsuzureko, KitaAkita city. It is said to have begun in Kamakura era, about 700 years ago from now. During the festival, the town is divided into two sections: Uemachi (upper town) and Shitamachi (lower town). Every year, the towns take turns and play huge drums at the Tsuzureko Shrine while dancing a traditional Shishiodori to dedicate to the divine. Although the dedication ceremony was originally conducted harmoniously by both Uemachi and Shitamachi, the two started to compete against each other, believing that the winner would get the most blessing from the divine. Two towns first competed over how fast they can get to the shrine, and later they started competing over the size of their drums. Competition grew bigger and bigger, and eventually resulted in creating the extremely big drum, which is now recorded on Guinness Book as the biggest drum in the world. The drum measures 3.71 diameter, and people parade around the town while beating the drum. The scenery of the parade and the roaring sounds of the drum  are absolutely breathtaking.

Event date
Every year on July 14 and 15
Tsuzureko Odaiko Preservation Society
Dedication ceremony: Tsuzureko Shrine Parade: Uemachi・Shitamachi
46 Nishidate, Tsuzureko, Kita Akita City (Tsuzureko Shrine)
The number of bleachers
Visitors can freely walk around the shrine precinct
Number of car spaces
170, Please use Odaiko no Yakata (Big Drum House Museum)