Old Haseyama Residence




General exchange promotion facility
The facility, formerly the residence of the Haseyama family, a landlord of the Ugo-Machi Tashiro region, was reconstructed in 1998 and is currently being used as a general exchange promotion facility to use, exhibit and preserve the residence. The Old Haseyama Residence is a wooden historical building known to the locals as a symbol maintaining the landlord mansion style. The building from the munafuda (sign staked to the ridgepole of the building that states the building’s donor, builder, date, etc.) to the main house is known to have been built in 1882, and the storehouse in 1902. The main house is a thatched-roof, Chumon-zukuri private style building common in this region, with a sturdy, Segai-zukuri external build that has brackets protuding from the upper lateral columns, internals characterized by an overlapping beam assembly of the Motogoya as well as old Japanese drawing room style sitting rooms, and decorated with intricate latticeworks that shows the extravagance of the house. The lofty storehouse has white walls that stand out from its surroundings and a beautifully balanced structure, widely known in the region as the “three-story building of Haseyama”, attached to the main building with a connecting corridor. With its unique building style that can’t be found nowadays, thick, sturdy columns and internals featuring the many overlapping beams, this residence is a must-see for everyone.

67-3 Aza-Fumoto, Tashiro, Ugo town, Ogachi county, Akita prefecture
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