Garimeki Wetlands




The Garimeki Wetlands, with its wetland plants discovered in 1973, is located in the Tashiro Akedori mountains. There are four swamps along the Nashinoki mountain pass. The Garimeki Wetlands is a typical low-rise wetland with both wetland plants and mountainous plants inhabiting the same area. 64 species grow naturally in the area, with plants of scientific value that rival those in Oze National Park. Two swamps located upstream and the area surrounding it was designated as the Akita Prefectural Nature and Environment Protection Area in March of 1976. In early spring, the beautiful flowers of the eastern skunk cabbage bloom, soon followed by a large colony of menyanthes trifoliata, inula ciliaris, pogonia and platanthera hologlottis. In autumn, the cardinal flower, gentian autumn bellflower, prenanthes tanakae and Aladdin’s cock unique to the Garimeki wetlands creates a paradise of nature with flowers you can enjoy until early winter.

Tashiro Aza-Akedori, Ugo town, Ogachi county, Akita prefecture
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Free of charge
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Free of charge
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From November to April