Model Plan


Plan 1 : Life of Matagi (Bear Hunter)

My Hunter Blood~Welcome to Akita Inland Area

11:30 Akita Nairiku Line Animaeda Sta. *Meet there
12:30 Local community center “Nemorida”
– Making “Kiritanpo”, the most famous local food of Akita
– Making “Kanjiki”, traditional snow shoes of Matagi
– Communication with local people
18:30 Dinner
21:00 Stay at a Japanese traditional style hotel

07:00 Breakfast
09:00 Local community center “Nemorida”
– Walking experience with “Kanjiki”
– Making Nabe hot pot for lunch
14:00 Tour of specialty products
14:30 Onsen (Hot spa)
15:00 Finish *Leave there

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Plan 2 : Life of Samurai DSC4400-e1446693187875

08:40     Leave Tokyo St. (Shinkansen Komachi 9)
11:41     Arrive at Kakunodate St.
12:00     Lunch at Genpachi, which offer the special Samurai
13:00     Kimono wearing.
13:30     Walking into the Samurai street.
14:00     Kabazaiku Experience(Sakura Craft)
16:00     Leave Kakunodate (by Bus)
17:00     Check in Nyuto Onsen Village(you will pick up one ryokan)

08:00     Breakfast
09:00     Morning Onsen
10:30     Check out
10:40     Leave Nyuto Onsen(there is a car takes you to the station)

Option1: More Onsen; you can enjoy 6 more onsen around the village
Option2: Tazawa lake, the deepest lake in Japan.
Option3: Trekking in Komagatake Mt. (1637m)

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