Kuma-kuma Park




The Ani district in Akita has an inseparable relation with bears. Since the ancient age, this place has been famous for Matagi, the bear hunters. It wasn’t easy for them to earn enough money to make their life stable, so the huge income from hunting bear meant a lot for them. Therefore, it is not exaggeration to say that the bear has been at the center of Matagi culture in Akita. In the Kuma-kuma Park, you can observe and play with bears as much as you want. This park was renovated on July 19th, 2014 and 48 Asian black bears and 18 brown bears are raised. You can learn about their modes of life through various events. For example, you can see how cutely the bears stand on two legs and ask for the food when you feed them. This must be something you can never see in the wild. Also, the Bear Cub Land is opened from April to July. Usually, it is quite dangerous to encounter wild bear cub since there are parent bears with high probability. Once they find you, they would never have mercy on you and attack you to protect their children. However, you are really lucky to have a great chance to play with bear cub without any danger in this park. Other than this, you can also enjoy fishing char in mountain stream and picking blue berries when the seasons come. In July 2016, celebrating its 2 years anniversary after the renovation, this park will hold the special event collaborated with Japanese anime and idol. You can get the latest information from their Facebook page, so if you are interested in the life of bears and curious about various events, you should visit there! There are great experiences you can only get in Akita and only in this Kuma-kuma Park in Ani. Don’t miss this chance!

Chinba-1 Aniutsutō Kitaakita-shi, Akita
Parking Fee
Business hours
9am - 4pm
adult: 700 yen / children: 300 yen
Closing day
From November to April
Contact with Concierge, Akita