Mt, Kanpu


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Cold wind and marvelous sights. Many legends handed down for generations that stimulate visitor’s curiosity.
Mt, Kanpu is one of the famous mountains in Japan. Gentle slope hills covered by green grasses and 360 panoramas from the top of the mountain. You can see Shirakami Sanchi; a world heritage sight in Akita and Aomori, Mt, Chokai, and also beautiful night view. Around the mountain, there are Himegtake, Oni no Kakurega (Secret habitat of Oni) and Ogata/Oga geopark. Let’s get started from Mt, Kanpu. An enjoyable tour to all over Oga and Oogata village is waiting for you!

Akita prefecture, Oga city, wakimoto, fujinagaaza Mt, Kanpu
Number of car spaces
Parking Fee
Entrance fee
[Mt, Kanpu Observatory] Adult: 540 yen Student: 270yen (under 18) Family discount: 540 yen (1 adult+ child under 12) Group (over 15) Adult: 430 yen Student: 220yen *Tax included
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