Theatrical company
Warabiza was founded in 1951. It is a Japanese theatrical company located in the Tohoku region in Akita. Warabiza has a philosophy of [Harmony and cooperation] and [Symbiosis of Tradition, Nature, Community and Time]

Warabiza’s artistic mission is to make the audience have a deep impression and to produce happiness through many expressions about humanity. Warabiza values the Japanese traditional performing art. It has been performing Japanese folksongs and folkdances for more than 50 years. Recently, they are mainly performing their original musical. Their musical’s theme is focused on history and local traditional performing arts. Each performance has a message to the modern world. There are plays such as; one-themed plays that are consisted of singing and dancing, no lines but only physical expressions and music, as well as musical performance using many musical instruments from the older times.

Currently, there are five performing teams. In Japan they perform 1200 times per year.
The international public performance was done in 16 countries, such as, Brazil, USA and other countries in Europe and Asia.

‘Akita Art Village’ is managed with many facilities that the visitors can be entertained. For example, other than watching plays in the theatre there are hotels, onsen, restaurants that provide local beer, and a shop to experience your own crafting. ‘Warabi Theatre’ has been performing plays since 1995. It has been offering many unique experiences more than 300 times per year. The events include performing the international piece of works as international exchange and providing various unprecedented programs.

Warabiza experiences