Snowboarding in Spring


Most people would expect April to be the month of the cherry blossoms in Japan. Little is it known that one can still snowboard even when most of Japan is already enjoying the spring season. Akita and further up north in Hokkaido are places where one can still enjoying winter sports. This time we chose an Area in north Akita to enjoy again the winter season. A ride in the cable car in Mt Moriyoshi will take you 15 minutes upwards where for sure there will be snow waiting for you.

Since it is already “Spring” season, there will be few other skii enthusiasts meaning you can enjoy the mountain by yourselves, just like the picture below!

Following an awesome time on the slopes there is nothing better than to end the day with onsen (Japanese hot springs). Of course we cannot show you a picture getting into the onsen, that is better reserved for when you come yourself and enjoy it.


Written by Alan Roberto Tami