Akita Bus – AIU->Wada, Goshono and Akita City


Most of your transportation in Akita, if you don’t have a car, will be by bus. Below there are two schedules for the two buses from Akita International University (AIU) to Wada station and Goshono’s AEON. For both of those trips the cost is the same; 160Yen. In the bus you have the option to exchange 1000Yen bills for exact coins. The machine will take care to give you the necessary coins to be able to pay 160Yen. You pay for all buses at the end of the ride.


To avoid confusion, the buses will not run on the colored shapes if it is any of the days mentioned on the Key on the right side.  So expect few buses coming Golden Week. There are already few buses and they will be become scarce when holidays come. Which means it’s the time to leave AIU and venture into the city and surrounding cities in Akita prefecture.  Best to keep an good eye on this schedule when coming back from Akita station as the trains are more frequent than the buses from Wada to AIU. Trains leave every hour at either 44 minutes past the hour or 39 minutes past the hour.


Luckily for Goshono’s AEON mall (where you will spend most of your “outside of AIU” time, unless you travel with us) there are more buses available. Some days a week, there is a free shuttle bus from AEON to Akita station. The bus is differentiated with having a flag spread in front of the bus. It will only take 15 minutes from AEON to Akita station. Unfortunately it only runs on Tuesdays and Sundays. However, it is enough time to get a full day’s worth of Karaoke, Sports, Bowling, Massage, Darts and Billiard.


If there is anything else you want to find out and don’t know where, just leave a comment and we will get back to you ASAP.

Written by Alan Roberto Tami