How to use the train (Akita city – AIU)


At one point in your stay at AIU you will go to Akita City. If you had no planned to do so, I suggest you do. There is a great amount of things you can do there that you have not thought like; Karaoke all night for only 2,000Yen, including playing sports, video arcade and other events and not to mention the delicious food. I tell you, you have to go to Akita City if you want to fully enjoy your stay. However, at the end of the day you may want to come back.

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There is only one entrance to the platforms so you will not get lost. Walk to the centre of the station after going up the stairs from either West or East entrances and you will find the ticket vending machines. Luckily most of those ticket machines across Japan have the option to change the language to English. Above the machines is a map with the names of all the stations around Akita prefecture. Unfortunately in Akita station the names are still only in Japanese. Akita station is clearly marked with a big red arrow in the centre of the map. You need to go to Wada station which follows the Orange Line called Ou line. It is the 2nd stop from Akita Station. So you need to pay 240Yen for the ticket. The platform is either 5 or 6 usually. However have a look at the information board with the times for the train going to Shinjo. When you pass through the gates and enter the train, it is customary that people close again the doors of the train.

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Enjoy the quick ride back and at Wada station you have the option of taking the bus back to AIU which leaves usually every hour. However AIU will give you a piece of paper with the bus schedules. Take it with you so you can coordinate well with the train coming from Akita station. There is the option with the taxi which costs about 1,200Yen for the ride which is not that much shared with 2 or 3 people. Taxi from Akita city could cost you up to 5,000yen.

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You pay the bus at the end of the ride when you arrive at the destination to a coin machine. You can exchange bills for coins. The driver cannot help you to exchange money with him. The bus ride costs 160Yen. You can also exchange 1,000Yen for bus currency valued at 1,100Yen.

You can also walk back from Wada station for about 40 minutes on a peaceful walk visiting a small shrine on the way.

Written by Alan Roberto Tami