Hanabi-maki Sushi Making Experience


2015-12-23 13.01.59-1Creating the colour of Hanabi with Sushi (recreation of Hanabi with Sushi)
‘Omagari’s Fireworks’ has more than 100years of history. Thus, it was just an idea that had come up to make a sushi that resembles the colourful fireworks. The colourful sushi uses Akita’s rice and it is guaranteed that you and your friends will love it!2015-12-23 12.18.30-1

Venue: Kakumagawa Community Centre

Price: please contact

Price includes: Hanabi-maki Sushi making experience, lunch

Duration: 1hr 30mins (including lunch time)

Minimum number of people: 2

Maximum of number of people:8

Schedule: all year round

Reservation deadline: 1 week before


Access: 20mins by Taxi from JR Omagari Station2015-12-23 12.29.59-1