Firework simulation – Your one and only firework


DSC9330 (1)This opportunity is one of the rare experiences that you can do in Japan; making your own firework. The professional firework craftsman will give you instructions on how to make a firework and they will explain its history and what kind of fireworks there are. In this experience, you can make a firework but a ‘fake firework’; it is a firework that does not include any gunpowder to explode. You may visit the factory that creates the real fireworks before or after the firework making experience. The firework’s craftsman will give a tour in the order of how it is made. By the time the tour ends, how you think towards fireworks would have changed and you may find them more attractive.DSC9248

Venue: Komatsu Fireworks Ltd.//

Price: please contact

Price includes: Firework simulation experience (the firework can be taken home) and a factory tour.

Duration: approx. 2 hours

Minimum number of people: 2

Maximum number of people: 10

Schedule: all year round

Reservation deadline: 1 week before

Enquiries: 0187-68-2625

Access: 20mins by Taxi from JR Omagari Station

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