Magewappa -A traditional wooden craftwork- Odate city


大館曲げわっぱ (1)A lot have been recognized about the authentic quality and beauty of Japanese food. However, few things have been introduced over their containers.

Today, we would like to shed light on one of the finest traditional Japanese crafts, Mage-Wappa, which literally translates to “Bent lunch box.” The magnificence of Mage-Wappa is hidden in its well-formed shape and practicality.大館曲げわっぱ
Behind its graceful shape
In the most famous production area Odate in Akita prefecture, craftsmen willingly choose the Akita cedar which survived severe cold environment since it makes the finest quality of wood and suitable for Mage-Wappa. The characteristic round shape of Mage-Wappa is completed with sophisticated technique of craftsmen and highest quality of Akita cedar.

The practicality of Magewappa
Mage-Wappa is not only beautiful, but also practical. It is excellent in heat retaining, moisture absorption, lightness, durability and sterilizing power coming from natural cedar ingredient. Moreover, the decent scent of cedar have the special effect on arousing one’s appetite. It is simply the best food container one can ever find.大館曲げわっぱ 制作風景The history of Magewappa
Some says that the oldest Mage-Wappa was created around a thousand years ago by woodcutters and it became popular around four hundred years ago when low class samurais engaged in the production of Mage-Wappa as their side business.
These days, the technique of Mage-Wappa is applied in creating other tableware such as plates, cups, drinking vessels, and so on.

Creating your own Magewappa
You can even experience creating your own Mage-Wappa and bring it back with you as one and only souvenir of Akita. Once you get the Mage-Wappa, you will find how fun it is to cook Bento and you can definitely rediscover and appreciate the value of food you consume in daily life.